Decentralized Cloud Storage and Cyber-Security

CRYPTYK CLOUD storage and security technology offers the first single vendor cloud solution suitable for all enterprises, businesses and even individual consumers. Our unique decentralized hybrid architecture with 2-layer encryption offers dramatic reductions in both potential attack surface and ongoing operational costs. It takes decentralized file storage and encryption down to below the individual file level for granular control of file security. It leverages the reliability and speed of major cloud storage providers such as IBM, Amazon, Google and Box without their security weaknesses. It also leverages blockchain technology based on Hyperledger networks to create a permanent, immutable record of all user events and file activity. This enables network adminstrators, employees and even customers advanced security features such as auditing, tracking and quarantining of user access and file sharing.

CRYPTYK CLOUD is the first complete enterprise-class cloud security solution that includes cloud storage and broad protection against all external, internal, viral, surveillance and operational threats. Instead of a complex, piecemeal, multi-vendor approach, enterprises can now choose a simple, complete, turn-key solution from a single vendor.  Cryptyk can also custom design cloud solutions for enterprises that offer full data sovereignty, zero knowledge back-up for GDPR compliance, or even add new revenue streams from existing customers.

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Cloud storage technology with built-in protection against all potential security threats

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External Threats

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Internal Threats

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Viral Threats

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Operational Threats

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Surveillance Threats

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Sovereignty Risks


VAULT Cloud Storage and SENTRY Cloud Security Platforms

CRYPTYK CLOUD is comprised of two decentralized SaaS platforms (called VAULT and SENTRY) that are integrated together to form the first complete, “all-in-one”, single vendor solution for enterprise-class cloud storage and security applications. It combines safe-to-hack cloud storage with blockchain security auditing.

VAULT takes decentralized file storage down to below the individual file level. It splits each file into 4-5 file pieces with 2 layers of encryption and then stores them separately on 4-5 storage nodes such as IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Box. This leverages the low cost, fast access and high back-up reliability of global cloud storage providers without the security risks of their centralized storage architecture.

SENTRY is a decentralized network security manager that controls all authorization, tracking, monitoring, logging and quarantining functions for file storage, file sharing, network communications and user access. This network security manager is built on private permissioned blockchain networks using Hyperledger technology. Blockchain networks can be configured for varying degrees of transparency versus privacy, and offer a permanent, immutable, auditable record of all user activity and file events.  


Product Roadmap and Custom Solutions

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CRYPTYK is building and deploying decentralized cloud solutions in 2 design formats. Our first design format is for a complete turn-key SaaS product suite suitable for enterprise, small business and individual consumers. This turnkey product suite comes in 3 flavours (named CRYPTYK CLOUD X, Pro and Lite) and requires no deployment or installation costs. The SaaS product suite is the first "one-size-fits-all" single vendor solution for cloud security and storage.

Cryptyk has recently launched a decentralized digital currency called the Cryptyk Token (CTK). When integrated with the CRYPTYK CLOUD platform the CTK Token underpins an independent digital economy for the security and storage indsutry. It provides incentives for viral customer adoption and an open source development community that can grow our platform into a complete cloud ecosystem. API's and SDK tools will be available for 3rd party developers to build secure apps on top of our decentralized cloud storage and security platform. Customer trials for the turn-key product suite are scheduled for Q1 2020 with the full US release in Q2 2020. For a more details download the Cryptyk SaaS Product Ecosystem document

Our second design format is for customized cloud solutions for selected large enterprises and government organizations. Customized enterprise solutions are now currently available from Cryptyk and can leverage the assistance of our stragegic development partners (listed below). We can tailor a custom solution to solve numerous industry specific problems including data sovereignty issues and FINRA / HIPPA / GDPR compliance requirements for banking, healthcare or government applications. White-labelled customized products are even available for generating new revenue streams from an enterprises existing customer base. Cryptyk custom solutions involve additional costs for product design, deployment and hardware installation. However they offer enterprise customers specialized solutions that reduce operational and capital costs while adding next generation cloud security capabilities.

Product Development Partners


Cryptyk is an IBM Embedded Solutions Partner. IBM are assisting us in our turnk-key SaaS product development efforts and custom design solutions.


DesignShift make the worlds most secure PC hardware that will be packaged with the worlds most secure cloud storage platform from Cryptyk.


BankVault builds a specialized secure web browser technology that will be integrated into the user interface for the Cryptyk Cloud Product Suite.

"Cryptyk leverages the scale of global cloud providers customized for enterprise security applications"

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If you are a CTO, CIO, CISO, Network Administrator, Cyber-Security Specialist or Software Developer please download any or all of the following documents to find out more about CRYPTYK CLOUD products and capabilities. 



CRYPTYK CLOUD Product Brochure
(9.5MB / 7 pages)
An overview of CRYPTYK CLOUD Technology and Product Suite, including Custom Design Options for Enterprise Customers



CRYPTYK CLOUD SaaS Product Ecosystem
(4.3MB / 22 pages)
A detailed description of CRYPTYK CLOUD SaaS Product Suite, Token Economy, Technology and Business Model



CRYPTYK Technology White Paper
(640KB / 27 pages)
The original technology white paper describing hybrid decentralized storage technology published in Nov 2017



Enterprise Security Magazine Article
(690KB / 2 pages)
Article about Cryptyk technology in an interview with Cryptyk CEO and Founder Dr. Adam Weigold



CRYPTYK Pitch Deck Overview
(7.0MB / 13 pages)
Overview deck presentation of Cryptyk Inc, our technology, product suite and business model



Create a FREE Decentralized Cloud Storage Account (2 GB Capacity) on the product demonstrator version of the VAULT Platform. It's only the prototype of the free Lite product but you can play around with the unique security features and intuitive UI. The application servers for this product demonstrator are located in the US where access latency for uploads and downloads is typically 100-200msec. If you are located outside the US latency will be typically slowed to 500-1000 msec. 

"Cryptyk is rightly positioned to redefine cloud storage and security"

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Dr. Adam Weigold

CEO, Chairman & Founder
Quantum Physicist, Technologist, 20 Yr Startup Veteran, 6 Startups: 1 IPO, 2 Public Acquisitions

Raghu Kotha

CTO & Founder

White-hat Hacker, Cyber-Security and Blockchain Expert, former Silicon Valley Bank, Bell Labs


Dennis McMasters

Chief Architect

Automation Expert, Platform Architect, former NYSE, “the guy who automated the NYSE”


Dr. Daniel Floreani

Enterprise Solutions Manager

Computer Scientist, Research Fellow, Enterprise Architect, former Cisco Systems

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Mihkel Trink

Product Manager

Systems architecture and integration expert, Software Developer, former Ericsson


Wes Francis

Sales & Marketing Manager

Fintech Partnership Manager, Fluent in 6 languages, 7 years in Fintech Startups


Derek Grocke

Cyber-Security Manager

Cyber-security professional, platform security auditor, network tester and full-stack code-breaker


Jen Peng


Corporate lawyer, Corporate Finance Expert and former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley


Indra Singhal


Seasoned Silicon Valley COO / CFO / Director, Venture Capitalist, Startup Mentor, Board Director


Robert Bender

Fintech Advisor

Financial and Banking Cyber-security Specialist, CTO of Founders Federal Credit Union


Tian Jia

Blockchain Advisor

Computer Scientist, Blockchain expert since 2011, Chief Scientist at Cortex, ex Alibaba


Andre Mintz

Cyber-Security Advisor

Cyber expert with more than 20 years experience in data security and privacy risk management


Ian Scarffe

Blockchain / ICO Advisor

Blockchain and Crypto Luminary. Rated Top 10 Blockchain Expert on ICObench


Aly Madhavji

Crypto-currency Advisor

Crypto Expert, Award winning Blockchain Author, CEO Blockchain Founders Fund


Chris Guidroz

Product UI Advisor

Cyber UX/UI specialist and front-end developer, Founder of Leap Labs, former Skyhigh 


Prof. Erich Weigold, AM

Governance Advisor

World Renowned Quantum Physicist, Humbolt Prize, Lyle Medal, Member of Order of Australia

"Cryptyk gets your head out of the cloud about cloud storage"

Robert Bender, CTO Founders Federal Credit Union

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Enterprise Security Magazine has named Cryptyk one
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