Decentralized Cloud Storage and Cyber-Security

CRYPTYK CLOUD storage and security technology offers the first single vendor cloud solution suitable for all enterprises, businesses and even individual consumers. Our unique decentralized hybrid architecture with 2-layer encryption offers dramatic reductions in both potential attack surface and ongoing operational costs. It takes decentralized file storage and encryption down to below the individual file level for granular control of file security. It leverages the reliability and speed of major cloud storage providers such as IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft without their security weaknesses. It also leverages blockchain technology based on Ethereum and Hyperledger protocols to create a permanent, immutable record of all user events and file activity. This enables network adminstrators, employees and even customers advanced security features such as auditing, tracking and quarantining of user access and file sharing. Most importantly, this technology suite is evolving via a B-B-C business and technology model into the ideal cloud storage for SMB and consumers.

CRYPTYK CLOUD is the first complete enterprise-class cloud security solution that includes cloud storage and broad protection against all external, internal, viral, surveillance and operational threats. Instead of a complex, piecemeal, multi-vendor approach, enterprises can now choose a simple, complete, turn-key solution from a single vendor.  Cryptyk can custom design cloud solutions for enterprises that offer full data sovereignty, zero knowledge back-up for GDPR compliance, or even add new revenue streams from existing customers.


Cloud storage technology with built-in protection against all potential security threats

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External Threats

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Internal Threats

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Viral Threats

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Operational Threats

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Surveillance Threats

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Sovereignty Risks


VAULT Cloud Storage and SENTRY Cloud Security Platforms

CRYPTYK CLOUD is comprised of two decentralized SaaS platforms (called VAULT and SENTRY) that are integrated together to form the first complete, “all-in-one”, single vendor solution for enterprise-class cloud storage and security applications. It combines safe-to-hack cloud storage with blockchain security auditing to provide the first single vendor solution that protects against all 5 major threats to the cloud (ie: external, internal, viral, surveillance and operational threats). Now there exists a simple, affordable and effective cloud security and storage solution that fits enterprises, SMB's and consumers.

VAULT takes decentralized file storage down to below the individual file level. It splits each file into 4-5 file pieces with 2 layers of encryption and then stores them separately on 4-5 storage nodes such as IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Box. This leverages the low cost, fast access and high back-up reliability of global cloud storage providers without the security risks of their centralized storage architecture.

SENTRY is a decentralized network security manager that controls all authorization, tracking, monitoring, logging and quarantining functions for file storage, file sharing, network communications and user access. SENTRY is a blockchain agnostic platform that can integrate with any private or public blockchain protocol as a "future-proof" design. Blockchain networks can be configured for varying degrees of transparency versus privacy, and offer a permanent, immutable, auditable record of all user activity and file events.  SENTRY is generally built on private permissioned blockchain networks using Hyperledger technology for our enterprise customers.

For our upcoming SMB / Consumer products SENTRY will be built on a public blockchain network and is initially configured to work with the Ethereum ERC20 protocol via the Cryptyk Token (or CTK) Economy. Once the CRYPTYK CLOUD platform is fully integrated with the CTK Economy and multiple crypto-exchanges by mid 2023, the SDK kit for App developers will be released. This developer ecosystem will reward coders for building fully private, secure Apps on our decentralized storage and security platform. 

Cryptyk Technology Overview


Cryptyk Explained Simply

Product Roadmap 

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CRYPTYK designs, builds and deploys decentralized cloud solutions in SaaS and on-premise formats for numerous application specific B-B Fintech markets. We are also building a unique B-B-C one size fits all SaaS platform that is tailored for Small-Medium Business, Professionals and Consumers. Primary enterprise B-B target markets include Financial Services, Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Healthcare, Media Production, Government, Infrastructure and Logistics. Cryptyk is also building the back-end storage platform for sister company Decentryk Inc . Decentryk is using Cryptyk's VAULT file storage platform combined with their own NFT related technology to disrupt the burgeoning NFT market. For streamlined product development with minimal overheads and optimized infrastructure, Cryptyk will launch its consumer facing CLOUD storage product at the same time as the back-end for the Decentryk NFT platform. Decentryk's first NFT products are expected go into beta trials in October 2023 launched in November 2023.

Cryptyk is building a complete turn-key SaaS product suite and cloud ecosystem suitable for enterprise, small business and individual consumers. The CRYPTYK CLOUD turnkey product suite will come in 3 flavours (namely Business, Pro and Lite) and require no deployment or installation costs. The SaaS product suite will be the first "one-size-fits-all" single vendor solution for all cloud security and storage applications. 

To support the upcoming CRYPTYK CLOUD SaaS product release Cryptyk has already launched a decentralized digital currency called the Cryptyk Token (CTK). When integrated with the CRYPTYK CLOUD platform the CTK Token will underpin a new independent digital economy for the security and storage industry. It provides incentives for viral customer adoption and an open source development community that can grow our platform into a complete cloud ecosystem. API's and SDK tools will be available for 3rd party developers to build secure apps on top of our decentralized cloud storage and security platform. The beta launch and closed trial phase for the CRYPTYK CLOUD SaaS product suite powered by CTK Tokens are scheduled for October 2023, with the full release planned for November 2023. This consumer product development project and infrastructure will be co-developed and integrated with the NFT sales platform for our sister company Decentryk (see

Cryptyk Cloud Storage vs. the Competition



"You get what you pay for"

CRYPTYK : “Best in Class” Private, Secure, Fast Decentralized Cloud Storage
CRYPTYK CLOUD will be priced to offer 100% privacy with ultra-secure “safe-to-hack”
storage for only 2x the price of unsafe non-private centralized cloud storage options.

Strategic Partners and Vendors

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"Cryptyk combines the speed and scale of global cloud providers with the security of the blockchain"

Gabrielle Avilla, Amazon Web Services and Cryptyk Equity Investor


If you are a CEO, CTO, CIO, CISO, Network Administrator, Cyber-Security Specialist, Software Developer or Technology Investor please download any or all of the following documents to find out more about CRYPTYK CLOUD products and capabilities. 



CRYPTYK Executive Summary
(275kB / 1 page)
A one page overview of CRYPTYK CLOUD and CRYPTYK TOKEN Technologies.



CRYPTYK Technology White Paper
(640KB / 27 pages)
The original technology white paper describing hybrid decentralized storage technology published in Nov 2017



Enterprise Security Magazine Article
(690KB / 2 pages)
Article about Cryptyk technology in an interview with Cryptyk CEO and Founder Dr. Adam Weigold



CRYPTYK Business White Paper
(1.5MB / 10 pages)
Overview deck presentation of Cryptyk Inc, our technology, product suite and business model

"Cryptyk is rightly positioned to redefine cloud storage and security"

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