Earn crypto-currency for your company or organization by becoming a trial customer 

Cryptyk Inc. is building the CRYPTYK platform based on our hybrid blockchain technology for the provision of enterprise-class cloud security and cloud storage services. As part of building this revolutionary enterprise security and storage technology, we will first launch our own crypto-currency called Cryptyk Tokens (or CTKs) via a global public token sale starting February 8, 2018. Following launch of the CTK ecosystem, Cryptyk will transform its existing prototype platform into a fully featured enterprise-class product suite by Q4 2018. The product release will first start with a 3 month trial phase exclusively for Alliance Partners, followed by a full product release to broader markets in targeted industries. Alliance partners will receive a free allotment of CTK tokens to trial the CRYPTYK platform and participate as invested stakeholders in the CTK economy. The Cryptyk Foundation (a non-profit entity for members) will manage all Alliance Partner token issuances and community events. All Alliance Partners become registered members of the Foundation.

Benefits for Alliance Partners

• First access to the CRYPTYK platform for a complete security and storage solution with numerous performance and cost benefits.

• Free deployment of the CRYPTYK platform customized to existing storage and cloud infrastructure.

• Free consultation and technical assistance from Cryptyk Inc. engineers during deployment and trial.

• Invitation and free registration at annual CRYPTYK Foundation community events that also include OpenSource developer partners.

• US$75 of CTKs per employee for security and storage products during trial phase.

• US$25 of CTKs per employee for sale or speculation on crypto-currency exchanges.

• 20% discount on all Cryptyk products and services for 3 years after the trial phase if Alliance Partner continues to use the CRYPTYK platform after the trial phase ends (optional).

Requirements for Alliance Partners

• Company or organization must have at least 200 employees.

• Company must appoint a Primary Contact (PC) officer to manage the trial deployment, collate feedback from Alliance Partner employees during the trial phase, and submit that feedback to Cryptyk Inc. for evaluation.

• The PC officer must ensure that at least 10% of company employees are available to participate in the trial. Employee participation simply involves creating a Cryptyk account, uploading a file and providing feedback to the PC officer.

• The PC officer must provide a digital version of their corporate logo and authorize approval for Cryptyk Inc and the Cryptyk Foundation to use their corporate logo for marketing, promotional and advertising purposes for the Alliance Partner program (including web sites and printed documents).

• Successful applicants will be contacted by a Cryptyk team member and informed of the authorized size of their reserved CTO allocation and their Cryptyk Foundation Membersip Number. They will be required to sign an Alliance Partner user-agreement and supply their corporate logo before issuance of CTO tokens.


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