Cryptyk (Nevada, USA) announced today the development of its patent pending CRYPTYK VAULT security engine that can be integrated with enterprise-class data storage platforms. Towards this end Cryptyk has begun talks with several potential development partners for the custom design of front end user interfaces to meet the specific demands of various strategic enterprise markets and associated industries. The CRYPTYK VAULT engine combines the principles of sub-file level cryptography with distributed enterprise and cloud storage architecture to provide a “safe-to-hack” environment for all critical data within a large enterprise.

CRYPTYK VAULT (TM) security technology is unique in that it assumes that online security breaches are frequent and inevitable for all enterprise networks. Instead of trying to stop security breaches CRYPTYK VAULT eliminates all potential liabilities relating to these unwanted breaches. Successful hackers can only steal a useless portion of any data payload, even if they break multiple encryption and user authentication barriers.  CRYPTYK  technology can be configured for virtually any enterprise network and data storage architecture. It can also be used for OEM applications as a secure data processing and storage engine for digital payments and digital currencies. Ultimately CRYPTYK VAULTconsumer data storage applications via hack-safe security and ultra-secure cloud services