Accredited Investors Only

Cryptyk Inc. is currently offering for sale fully issued common stock in the company for US$2 Million of private investment capital. Given discounts are available for larger investment levels the company plans to sell 10% - 15% equity before the formal close date on March 31 2020. The non-discounted company valuation for this equity investment round is US$20 Million. Investments will be accepted on a first come first serve basis until the offer is fully subscribed or formally closed. 

Post-Round Company Valuation = US$20 Million
Maximum Raise Amount = US$2 Million
Forecast ROI = 3x – 5x after 1 year
Forecast ROI = 30x – 50x after 3 years
Common Stock Purchase of Fully Issued Shares
Shareholders also receive annual dividends in form of CTK Tokens

Minimum Investment is US$100,000 @ $20M valuation (buys 0.5% equity)
Price discounts are available for larger investment levels as follows;

  • 15% discount for $150k investment @ $17M valuation (buys 0.88% equity)
  • 20% discount for $200k investment @ $16M valuation (buys 1.25% equity)
  • 25% discount for $300k investment @ $15M valuation (buys 2% equity)
  • 33% discount for $400k investment @ $13.3M valuation (buys 3% equity)
  • All investments > $400k receive 33% discount (ie: 33% is max. discount)

Current Status (Jan 31) : $400k received with $1.6M remaining on offer

Interested investors should download the 3 offer documents below for their own review. If you have any questions about the technology, business plan or investment offer please contact Cryptyk CEO Adam Weigold directly at [email protected] 

To receive an authorized investment agreement for your desired investment amount press the "Start Application" button to the right and complete the invesment application form.