Earn crypto-currency for your company or yourself by becoming an open source development partner

Cryptyk Inc. is building the CRYPTYK platform based on our hybrid blockchain technology for the provision of enterprise-class cloud security and cloud storage services. As part of building this revolutionary enterprise security and storage technology, we will first launch our own crypto-currency called Cryptyk Tokens (or CTKs) via a global public token sale starting February 8, 2018. Following launch of the CTK ecosystem, Cryptyk will transform its existing prototype platform into a fully featured enterprise-class product suite by Q4 2018. The product release will start with a 3 month trial phase, during which a Software Development Kit (SDK) will be released to OpenSource development partners to build plug-ins and APIs that use, integrate with or support the CRYPTYK platform. This will allow the OpenSource development community to build a variety of third-party software products on top of, or integrated with Cryptyk’s enterprise security and storage platform.

OpenSource Partners are our most important community of strategic development partners that help us broaden the number and type of applications and products compatible with the CRYPTYK platform. OpenSource Partners will be rewarded with CTKs for developing plug-ins / APIs for integration with either standard consumer software applications or specialized enterprise software used by targeted industries (including financial, banking, legal, accounting, insurance, healthcare and technology industries).

Developer payments will be approved on a project-by-project basis according to synergy and use with the CRYPTYK platform. Payments will typically range in value from between US$5000 and US$100,000 depending on the type, complexity and market focus of a proposed development project. Developers can be a single person with a good idea or large software company with existing products that can benefit from the CRYPTYK security and storage platform. The Cryptyk Foundation (a non-profit entity for members) will manage all OpenSource Partner token issuances and community events. All OpenSource Partners become registered members of the Foundation.

If your product is complementary or synergistic with the CRYPTYK platform, or if you just have a good idea for a plug-in or API, apply below to start the discussion with us. Every application will be responded to by a Cryptyk team member who will contact you via email to discuss your idea in more detail. 


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